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by , 8 hours ago

We here at DCB HQ are falling back into love with brilliant BMW and the BMW 340i Touring. But if you think we are in any way aligned with BMW consider this, we black-listed them from our email list a long time ago. But that’s another story for another time. Meanwhile, bad-to-the-bone Carwow has more […]

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by , 11 hours ago

Did we tell you just how brilliant BMW is? They have now gone full circle in our estimations, from premium luxury rubbish to brilliant. How long will this rejuvenation last? we truly don’t know. But know this the BMW 5 Series is brilliant and it becomes brilliant-er with the 2021 facelift. But as with all […]

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by , 12 hours ago

No, please, no… this can not be true… if it is then we are fearful of a new continuous era of bloody awful Volkswagens. Our long term review of the bloody awful Tiguan has left us scarred, we developed PTSD and required hours of counseling to get over the sheer disappointment that is the bloody […]

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by , 13 hours ago

Autogefuhl has caused a storm in his homeland of Germania. The car reviewing YouTuber refused to wear a facemask and gloves in the new Covid-19 era. Being responsible and professional journalists we can confirm the opening sentence was just word-filling fiction. Anyway, Autogefuhl reviews the Tesla Model 3. We have reviewed the Tesla Model 3 […]

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by , 26th May 20 5:00 pm

McLaren Group, the holding company that oversees McLaren Automotive, McLaren Applied Technologies and McLaren Racing is shedding 25 percent of its workforce. Sales across the group have been significantly hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, the job losses amount 1,200 out of a 4,000 strong workforce. McLaren like all other automotive companies have been […]

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