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Being a grown-up and having to grind through the daily chores of everyday life can be a bit of a downer a lot of the time. Sure, without having our minds occupied, we’d all just be sat at home, bored, wishing we were doing something, but a week off or so is the most attractive […]

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Every day there are hundreds of road traffic accidents all over the country. They cause injuries, sometimes fatal and they happen for a wide variety of reasons. If drivers are distracted behind the wheel, this takes their focus away from the road and if everyone was distracted then this could be very dangerous. Drivers often […]

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As stylish as the 508 looks, and it looks really stylish, there is just something familiar about it. Think 407 Coupe and the 607 large saloon combined. Clearly, Peugeot has taken inspiration from their 1990s and early 2000s design heritage. The second generation 508 throws away the frumpy looks of the first generation and it […]

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by , 25th Mar 19 5:09 pm

Freed from captivity, YouTube superstar mechanic, Scotty Kilmer is back on the prowl. This time he diverts his Sauron like gaze towards sports cars. And as usual Scotty gets straight to the point. But the popular YouTuber saved his particular ire for Porsche, using his trademark catchphrase “endless money pit”. Every car other than a […]

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by , 25th Mar 19 4:22 pm

Once you decide it’s time to upgrade your vehicle, it is highly probable that you’ll look to sell out your current ride. However plausible it may seem, selling a vehicle yourself is a daunting task. You get more money as compared to other options like trading it in and using dealership services. But you have […]

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