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CarAdvice didn’t get the memo. Somewhat weirdly the Suzuki Jimny is pitted against the 2019 Jeep Wrangler and a Toyota Land Cruiser from the 1980s. Modern cars are way much better and in the future, future modern cars will be way much better than new cars today. So we expect the Land Cruiser to fail […]

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Yes, absolutely McLaren is using its race-winning pedigree and history to twist the arm of sponsors by convincing them to pay a premium. Yes, McLaren can justify a premium, but their winning ways is a long distant memory. The Brazilian state energy company, Petrobras, recently declared an early termination of their “unjustifiable” sponsorship deal with […]

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I nearly choked on my morning bowl of Sugar Puffs when I read that Carwow had handed the VW ID3 Apology Tour an award. According to Carwow the VW ID3 Apology Tour is the most wanted car and it hasn’t even been released. But VW has received 30,000 registered pre-orders. It’s a rather unfortunate accolade […]

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by , 21st Oct 19 12:16 pm

Our lawyer has instructed us to point out that none of the individuals involved in the making of this Whatcar? video is high any class A drug… The reason why we often use cocaine as a kind-of running gag is that many of the middle-class people who buy such vehicles are high on cocaine. That’s […]

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by , 21st Oct 19 11:47 am

Volvo is now offering performance versions of its T8 Twin Engine plug-in hybrid powertrain for the S60 saloon V60 and XC60 for the UK market. To make these new performance “electrified” models more appealing to potential customers Volvo marketing has created a specific nomenclature. The S60 performance and it’s siblings will now use the rather […]

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