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by , 13th Dec 18 2:13 pm

As a motorcyclist, you love cruising the open road and exploring new destinations. There are few places you’d rather be than on your bike. However, it’s important to think about safety while you enjoy the ride. With other vehicles and distracted drivers putting bikers at risk, every rider should take extra precautions to prevent accidents […]

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by , 13th Dec 18 1:12 pm

If you are reading this from the United States you’re probably wondering what the hell is a Dacia Duster is. The Duster is a compact SUV made by Romanian auto company Dacia. If you are American and wondering what Romanian is then we suggest you use Google maps. If you are German and are expecting yet another BMW […]

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by , 13th Dec 18 12:48 pm

The moments after a car accident can be overwhelming. Even in minor accidents like a fender bender, most drivers feel shocked and frustrated. While feeling overwhelmed is normal and expected, the steps you take after a car crash are critical. By being prepared for the unexpected, you can react quickly after your accident and take […]

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by , 12th Dec 18 9:53 pm

If you’re thinking of buying a car for the first time ever, congratulations! Getting your own ride is one of the first and most major steps of adult life. Even if you’ve been an adult for some time, getting that first car means new opportunities and certainly much more independence. Since a car means a […]

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by , 12th Dec 18 9:25 pm

Oh for goodness sake Harris, BMW M2, sideways. We know you have superior car control but can you please drive the car properly on circuit so we can see how the car behaves. So we can see the change of direction at low to mid speed and we don’t have look through a cloud of […]

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